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Here we are, at 12 mindnight, writing our blog. We are finally at our hotel room after a long day at the Mc Cormick Place doing the set up of our booth in the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago. It is always so exciting to be at a trade show, and be able to share our brand and products with the world. 

We will be here for 4 days presenting our new collection to different buyers who come from around the globe. For us, this is the time were we can meet our customers, and learn from them. We love to share the story behind our products and the reason why they came to life.

While we walk through the isles of the show we can see how many products there are, but also, how little soul and intention is put in so many of them. For so many people the motto for coming here is just selling and making money. So much so, that the inspiration behind the creation process is lost.

Caro and I are aware that the real  reason why we do this is to inspire, to make a difference in people's lives. We laugh and have fun during the process, and know that is not the destination, but the ride what makes life meaningful.

We hope that during these 4 days we will be able to transmit our vision and love for positivity and design to everyone we enconunter. Hopefully many new stores will decide to carry our line so that we can touch more and more people with the power of words.

We will give you an update soon on how it went :)

Much love,

Carolina & Manuela

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